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Eagle Supply Wheels: Hard line 2 Layer / X6 Core Panthers Wheel

Our new hard line 2-layer aluminium X6 cored wheels.    
Made from a 6061 certified aluminium extrusion and machined to shape.

Hand poured in Holland with urethane according to our own developed formulas.

•    Size: 115mm
•    Width: 24mm
•    Hardness: Panthers (Slightly Above Snowballs)
unique 2-layer (Dual Layer) system is often copied but never equalled!!

•    Core: Undersized X6 Aluminium (2 Layer)
•    Bearings: Eagle Performance 608 RS

The 2-Layer (Dual Layer) design with this “undersized” X6 core is one of our unique designs and inventions that we started at the end of the last century! The advantage of the Dual Layer is that the wheels will get MORE rebound, MORE grip and MORE smoothness in riding.

3 different hardness all above the “Standard” Hardness!!
Each Model comes with its own Hardness in Urethane:

•    SNOWBALLS: just ABOVE the “standard” hardness;
•    PANTHERS: just above the Snowballs Hardness;
•    SEWERCAPS: The HARDEST scooter wheels out there!!
“Standard 86A”