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Addict Shield Clamp

A real 2-Bolt Addict clamp with replaceable steel inserts to keep it tight, whatever happens.
As idiot proof, as possible to avoid stripping.

Bolts are now M8,
so, bigger than most clamps for better compression.
Clamp is oversized and comes with a free shim to fit standard size bars also.
Available in 4 Colours.

•    Material: 6068 Cold Forged and CNC Aluminium
•    Clamp Height: 49mm
•    Weight: 149 Grams
•    M8 Hardware for increased Strength & Reliability
•    Oversized with shim
•    Includes: Shim to fit a standard sized Bar
•    Size with Shim: 31.8mm
•    Size without Shim: 34.9mm
•    Switchable steel Inserts
•    Engraved Addict Logo
•    Designed in France
•    Made on Earth by Humans